Media Criticism



by Zaneta Rydzewska

Striving for progress The term tunnel vision sums up the essence of the piece – a commentary on humanity’s relentless pursuit of progress, often with an unwavering focus on a single goal. The music serves as a sonic exploration of the interplay between human emotions and the advancing field of artificial intelligence. Turing Test The […]


Lecture On Nothing

by Raik Weidemann

Lecture on Nothing “He talks for 40 minutes at a time and has nothing to say” is not a cynical comment under the video of some random Youtuber, but John Cage’s self-assessment in his “Lecture on Nothing”. Silence and Nothing Nothing could be more healing in our overstimulated world than nothing. Silence. But to be […]



Music theater for ensemble, live electronics and video installation by Pablo Garretón

Transparency in a digital society Transparence is a piece about transparency in our digital society, a society where—with a view to readily available information—trust as a social practice becomes obsolete and gives way to control. Thus, the transparency society has a structural proximity to the surveillance society. Causal correlations and big data Understanding human needs […]


Violence of the Media

by Rainer Nonnenmann

The composer Jörg Mainka in the age of technical reproducibility Artists today are confronted with the “power of the media”, namely with the omnipresence of images and music, with the indistinguishability of original and technically ever more perfected copy, as well as with the medial formation of opinion, processing and channeling of information. Although the […]


Johannes Kreidler’s “Music Theater of the Media” in Gelsenkirchen

Rainer Nonnenmann

The fermentation process of bits and bytes thematized by Kreidler does not allow for a hasty conclusion, nor should we expect a quick maturity of artistic confrontations with it. The possibilities and hardships of music in the age of the Internet, which he has addressed in essays, conceptual pieces and now also in a work […]