Zaneta Rydzewska - TUNNELBLICK
Composition commissioned by eID for ensemble with live electronics, light and AI video installation

Tunnelblick is a musical composition interwoven with the threads of empathy and artificial intelligence, inviting the listener on a contemplative journey through the landscape of human-technology interaction. At its core, Tunnelblick questions the nature of empathy in a world increasingly dominated by technology.

intermedia music theater for ensemble, AI video installation, light and live electronics // Composition: Zaneta Rydzewska // SOUND ENGINEERING: HENDRIK MANOOK // Light/video engineering: Pablo Garretón // Sound direction: Pablo Garretón // Artistic director: Felix Knoblauch // AI video installation: Birds on Mars Berlin GmbH

Striving for progress

The term tunnel vision sums up the essence of the piece – a commentary on humanity’s relentless pursuit of progress, often with an unwavering focus on a single goal. The music serves as a sonic exploration of the interplay between human emotions and the advancing field of artificial intelligence.

Turing Test

The Turing test, a benchmark for evaluating machine intelligence by assessing its ability to mimic human behavior, is the focus, while the musicians themselves become the subject of investigation.

The heartbeat of progress

The music unfolds in a dynamic fusion of electronic and instrumental elements and reflects the evolving relationship between humans and artificial beings. The rhythmic pulse of the composition symbolizes the heartbeat of progress, pushing forward with unyielding determination.

AI-generated visuals

The recurring motif of Tunnelblick is a tonal representation of humanity’s tunnel vision – it sees only one destination, is fixated on the path and drives development forward without thinking about the wider implications. The integration of AI-generated visuals cements the overall experience. These images serve as a visual metaphor for the theme of tunnel vision, showing a world seen through the narrow aperture of progress.

Synergy of music and AI

The synergy of music and AI-generated imagery creates an immersive environment that challenges preconceptions and invites reflection on the consequences of our relentless pursuit of progress. In Tunnelblick, the audience is not only confronted with questions about the nature of empathy in the digital age, but also challenged to reconsider the impact of unstoppable progress.

A better future?

The play invites us to pause, broaden our perspective and ask ourselves whether our collective pursuit of development is leading us to a better future or whether we are in danger of losing sight of the diverse landscapes that lie beyond the tunnel vision of progress.