We are electronic ID. Our intermedia projects explore the possibilities of 21st century music, stage and performance formats. Our aim is progression and innovation in analog and digital creative spaces.
electronic ID is an ensemble that sees itself as a platform for the collaboration of diverse artists who deal with the phenomena of our contemporary present.

electronic ID @ Intermedial AI-Synthesizer

Intermedial AI-Synthesizer

A project by eID in collaboration with Birds on Mars and Quandel Staudt Design.

The eID AI Synthesizer

An intermedial AI-Synth whose mode of operation is based on analog synthesizers. But now you choose eID video content or your own audio recordings as input; effects and analyzers then send everything to the output.
The synth is an open system, which will be extended by further modules and will be made available as open source soon.

18.02.2024 / 19:30 / Rufffactory Köln Ehrenfeld

TUNNELBLICK – Żaneta Rydzewska

electronic ID

26.01.2024 / 19:30 / Urania Theater Köln Ehrenfeld

STEP BY STEP – Andrés Quezada

electronic ID

12.02.2023 / 19:30 / Rufffactory / Köln Ehrenfeld / on stage

electronic ID @ Rufffactory

New work by Pablo Garretón for ensemble, live electronics, 4-channel audio and multi-screen installation.