Intermedial AI-Synthesizer

Intermedial AI-Synthesizer

Input - effect - output: Based on the modular structure of classic synthesizers, an intermedia synthesizer has been created that uses the eID content to generate AI-generated outputs.

A concept by electronic ID in collaboration with Birds on Mars Berlin and Quandelstaudt Frankfurt.

Artificial intelligence as a link

In recent years, the realization of traditional concert formats has not been easy. For eID, the circumstances became an opportunity and our ongoing search for new concert and performance formats became the focus of a broad public. We were looking for a discursive link between cross-platform online concerts.

New forms of presentation in online formats

We wanted to create a new and unprecedented connection between contemporary music and the audience in the digital space. This connection should also be an invitation to the audience to become active themselves. In this way, the one-way street of digital communication and mediation should be dissolved. But how do you create such a connection and how do you prevent an online project from disappearing into insignificance?

Artificial intelligence is the new electricity.”

Andrew Ng, co-founder of Google Brain

Creative connections between eID and AI

The AI synthesizer makes it possible to creatively combine the content of eID with and through various AI modules. For example, the material can be controlled by motion tracking and generative AI outputs can be explored.

The generative outputs originate from neural networks that have been trained with the eID content of recent years.

AI agency Birds on Mars and web developer Quandelstaudt

With Birds on Mars, we have found strong partners who were able to realize our vision of a content-spanning AI concept. Quandelstaudt brought the code to our website and, in addition to the design, also took over the programming in the front end.

“Artificial intelligence will expand our imagination, but it will also challenge our definition of creativity.”

Grayson Perry, british artist

Framework and open source

During the development of the AI synthesizer, emphasis was placed on an open framework that can be easily expanded with new modules. The medium-term plan is to make the synthesizer available as an open source project in the hope that we will continue to find strong partners with whom we can take the idea forward.

The possibility of constantly adding new modules means that the artistic possibilities are almost limitless.

Artificial intelligence is one of the great cultural challenges of our time and it is important that we consciously engage with it.

Jaron Lanier, virtual reality pioneer