Schizophonic Metaverse

by Rainer Nonnenmann

After the end of the digital revolution, we now live in a post-digital world, where digital modes of production, presentation, perception and interaction have become so commonplace that they also co-determine our analog modes of communication and behavior. At the intersections of reality and virtuality, Alexander Schubert’s works, which may be more concert-like, theatrical, participatory, […]


Joanna Bailie – Artificial Environments No. 1-5

Felix Knoblauch

Joanna Bailie’s Artificial Environments Nos. 1-5 are a composed museum walk that finds its artistic origin in our sounding environment. In this sense, the piece sees itself as a contextualization cycle of musical processes through explanation. Inherent in this is a poetry that poses a chicken-and-egg question: What came first, magical sounding soundscapes or the […]


About perception and consciousness in the context of TRANSFLEISCH

Felix Knoblauch

According to Thomas Metzinger, we cannot experience consciousness as such. At most, we can perceive the context of what we call consciousness: the color of something, sounds, smells or feelings. Our consciousness remains transparent. In general, we as humans perceive only a fraction of reality at all. From the possible frequency spectrum of sounds, we […]


Digital image-music connections in the work of Jens Brand, Orm Finnendahl and Michael Beil

Rainer Nonnenmann

Many composers of the current middle generation aged forty to fifty work with computers and video as a matter of course. Following the technological-demographic regularity, there are even more in the generation of the under forties or under thirties. Michael Beil, born in 1963 and head of the Studio for Electronic Music at the Cologne […]


A bicycle built only for you

by Felix Knoblauch, Duoni Liu

A bicycle built only for you “A bicycle built only for you” is the name of the electronic piece Duoni Liu composed for the Mozilla Hubs installation by me (Felix Knoblauch). The name has its origin in the vocoder technology of the 60s and refers to the first piece of music composed with this technique […]