artificial ID

Joanna Bailie - Artificial Environments Nr. 1-5
Sergej Maingardt - TRANSFLEISCH (Version 2019)
Pablo Garretón - Proteus Reflexions

artificial ID: an increasingly artificial world full of possibilities and the search for one's own positioning in it. Alienation, distance and closeness are at the center of the reflection. Digital coldness covers a world in which the protagonists try to be - and remain - human.

intermedial concert project at Kunst-Station St. Peter // 2019 // Ensemble electronic ID

Joanna Bailie – Artificial Environments No. 1-5

Joanna Bailie’s Artificial Environments No. 1-5 are a composed museum walk that finds its artistic origin in our sounding environment. In this sense, the piece sees itself as a contextualization cycle of musical processes through explanation. To understand this world, one must engage with a sonic world in which processing and attempts at understanding become second nature: “Processing the process becomes second nature.” 

Composition itself is the act of selecting and shaping recordings, finding a dramaturgy within those recordings, and finding a way for the live ensemble to connect with the tape part.

Joanna Bailie

Sergej Maingardt – TRANSFLEISCH // composition commission eID 2019

TRANSFLEISCH experiments at the boundaries of acoustic and visual perception. How do consciousness and the experience of reality function? Do the changed worlds of life, such as the virtual worlds, result in new forms of narration? In TRANSFLEISCH simulation and reality meet – (how) can they be distinguished from each other?

The conscious experience of being a subject occurs when a single organism learns to enslave itself…

Thomas Metzinger, The Ego Tunnel: The Science of the Mind and the Myth of the Self

Pablo Garretón – Proteus Reflexions (composition commission by eID in 2019)

“Proteus Reflexions” was created after the AchtBrücken composition competition as a commission from the ensemble electronic ID. The piece was premiered in the context of the artificial ID program in 2019.

Joanna Bailie

British composer Joanna Bailie was born in London in 1973 and now lives in Berlin. She studied composition with Richard Barrett and electronic music at the Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. In 1999, she received a scholarship to study at Columbia University. In 2018, she completed her PhD at the University of London.

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Sergej Maingardt

 *1981, Kazakhstan. Born into the era of digitalization, he sees music as an important contemporary art to reflect the rapid global change of the world. His work as a composer is influenced by modern technologies and the way they change human perception – which he in turn reflects artistically in multimedia. Maingardt studied electronic composition in Cologne and media and cultural analysis in Düsseldorf.

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Pablo Garretón

Pablo Garretón’s work focuses on instrumental and electroacoustic music as well as installations, multimedia performance and analog synthesizers. His interest in critical perspectives on new technologies have produced pieces such as his transmedia video installation “Re-cognize me 2.0”. This piece for dance and live video works with face recognition systems, among other technologies.  

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