New music theater by Pablo Garretón for ensemble, live electronics, 4-channel audio and multi-screen installation


Transparence is a piece about transparency in our digital society. A society in which – with regard to easily available information – trust as a social practice becomes obsolete and gives way to control. Thus, the transparency society has a structural proximity to the surveillance society.

Understanding human needs becomes relative for those who have power over data. Those who understand Big Data understand behavioral patterns and social phenomena before the individual can even guess at them. Correlation replaces causality and the question of why “becomes superfluous in the face of it-is-so.”

Transparence is a music theater for ensemble and video installation commissioned by Pablo Garretón in 2022.


Sarah Heemann – flutes
Raik Weidemann – saxophone
Matthias Schuller – trombone
Felix Knoblauch – piano / synthesizer
Anna Neubert – violin
Pauline Buss – viola
Rebekka Stephan – violoncello

Pablo Garretón – sound direction

Pablo Garretón – composition, sound direction and electronics

Hendrik Manook – sound engineering

Paul Pappe – stage design

Nicolas Tolchinsky – Architectural advice

Felix Knoblauch – artistic direction